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    Construction Accident Lawyers in New York

    construction accident lawsuitNew York personal injury law gives compensation and justice for various accidents and personal injuries. Personal injury is an injury that an individual has sustained owing to negligence. This could be on the part of individuals, authorities, hospitals or even New York State authorities. The purpose of a personal injury law is to give compensation to victims of auto accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice and negligence.

    As per the Journal, Archives of Surgery, it was found that, even after one year of injury, 63 percent of accident victims reported that they still feel substantial pain. Over 3,000 patients between the ages 18 to 84 were taken into account, which had survived a traumatic injury in an auto accident or slip and fall victims. Some of the injuries include broken limbs, chest or abdominal trauma, injuries in auto vehicle crashes, slip-trip & fall accidents and other types of serious accidents. The most evident pains were reported in the joints and limbs (44 %), the back (26 %), the head (12 %), and the neck (7 %). Therefore an injury can have devastating effect on your daily life.

    Construction Industry is one of the major industries in the U.S. Construction Site Work Accidents & accident fatalities are ranked 3rd among all other accidents in the New York City.

    There are several companies which work at a construction site. You could be a victim of construction accident which resulted from the fault of a sub-contractor, or by the negligence of the property owner, the property management company, of the construction management company. In several cases it is observed that victims were injured from a defective product or some other hazard which was neither your fault, nor your employers.

    If you or someone close to you has been a victim of construction accident or any other accident injuries then you must consult with New York Accident Lawyers.

    Construction accidents and Workers Compensation Claims in New York

    construction workerThe construction is widely known as a very dangerous job. You may have to work with heavy machinery or climbing on scaffolding high to do the job. If you ever suffer from work-related injuries are so many options you have in order to do well financially. Accident lawyers can work with you and your employer will receive the maximum amount of money that will pay for your expenses, including other expenses caused by the injury. Here are some questions you might have about the process.

    Workers’ compensation is an option?

    As with other industries working with people with injuries in the construction site they have the right to be covered by workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation pays for medical bills and lost wages while recovering from injury. It will also pay for a period of time if you are permanently disabled due to an injury that can be obtained. You must show that you have been injured in the course of completing the job done, no restrictions on how you can get, however. This is because the program is very clear and needs no disputes out, saving the company money.

    What if the compensation is not enough.

    In case of serious injuries that you are unemployed for a long period of time or even permanently, lawyers, construction accidents may advise you to sue your employer on top of the beneficiaries. so their ability to bring civil lawsuits against your company will depend on the circumstances of his injury, and the state you live in. Construction characteristics of the responsible party is a lot of possibilities that could be part of their injuries. His injuries can be caused by faulty design of the architect or engineering supervision. When there are many agencies that are responsible for the potential construction accident lawyers are working to find out who is responsible, in order to sue.

    The device is responsible?

    Some injuries are not caused by individual groups or persons in the workplace. But faulty equipment If this happens, you can sue the manufacturer of a piece of equipment that will help pay for your damages. This case is treated as a product liability lawsuits over injuries or neglect. You have to show that a team is in poor condition or is dangerous when he left the manufacturer. You must also show proof that you are using a piece of equipment in the right way.

    The nature of this work is dangerous, but you still have the right to a work environment safe and free from harm. You should contact a lawyer as soon as you have your construction accident injury, to ensure that you receive the benefits and what is due to his health is accurate.